KareSanSui Kit "Choju Giga"


Sale price¥15,000 JPY


You can create your own original miniature “KareSanSui” dry landscape garden.
Calmly place a stone and draw a pattern in the sand with the miniature bamboo rake.
Monkey, rabbit, and frog from "Choju Giga," a picture scroll handed down from Kyoto's Kosanji Temple, appear in a small Karesansui garden.

Please enjoy creating your own stories with the “Choju Giga” ornaments.
The ornaments are made of tin by craftsmen.
The tray is made of paulownia wood and finished with a jet-black urethane coating, making it durable and luxurious.
It is also recommended as a gift.

The shape of each stone is different.

・Material/ Stone・Calcium carbonate , Bamboo , Tin , Paulownia wood
・Size/ W36×H3×D15cm

・Weight/ 880 g
・Made in Japan

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