Lacquerware Bowls Set (2pcs) "Spring and Autumn" Yoshino shun-ju Aizu lacquerware


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This is a wooden lacquered bowls set made in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture which is known for the production of Aizu lacquerware. This product is a set of nested bowls with beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves patterns. Maki-e (decoration) is done manually by artisans, so each product is slightly different. It is good for daily use since it is light and fits in the hand. You can enjoy the beauty and the elegance of lacquerware of good quality.

【How to care】
・When washing, rinse lacquerware with tepid water.
・For oil stains, wash it gently with diluted neutral detergent and soft sponge.
・When grain of rice is stuck in a bowl, pour hot water into it and leave it for about ten minutes. Wash it with a soft sponge and it will be removed.
・After washing, wipe the water off with a soft dishcloth or gauze. A silk and nylon cloth will damage the surface.
・Avoid using steel wool and cleansers.
・Please do not leave lacquerware too long in the water. This might cause it trouble or the lacquer film to peel off.
・Please do not boil lacquerware.

・Material/ Wood , Lacquer
・Size/ Bowl①:φ11.5×H6cm , Bowl②:φ11.5×H6.5cm

・Note/ Microwave/oven-not possible, Dishwasher/dryer-not allowed
・Weight/ 260 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: TABLE WARE > BOWL
Collection: LACQUER WARE

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