Woodblock print "Evening Glow at Seta Mini" by HIROSHIGE Published by UCHIDA ART


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※Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.

■ Type
UKIYO-E, Reproduction
(New woodblocks, reprinting)
This was designed by HIROSHIGE in the Edo period .
Printed by Uchida art publisher in late years (Kyoto).

■ Artist
HIROSHIGE ( Utagawa Hiroshige )
Hiroshige is an ukiyo-e artist in the late Edo period.
His most important work is the "Tokaido Gojusantsugi (Fifty-three Stages on the Tokaido)" or the "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo".

■ Description
The Eight Views of O-mi series Mini size
The evening glow scene, a bird's-eye view from Ishiyama shows grand of the Lake Biwa. The long bridge, Seta Karahashi is running across the Lake Biwa.
Many people are going over the bridge, which is on the Tokaido Highway.

・Material/ Japanese washi paper
・Size/ Picture:W10.8×H14.8cm , Margin included:W11.5×H17.3cm

・Regarding size / There is a slight error in size.
・Weight/ 30 g
・Made in Japan

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