Woodblock print "Chrysanthemum ( monochrome )" by Tangyu (Asada Benji) Published by UCHIDA ART


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※Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.

■ Type
Woodblock print, reprinting
※Uchida Original
This was designed by Asada Benji for Uchida art publisher. This is originally published by Uchida art (Kyoto).

■ Artist
Tangyu( Asada Benji )
He was born in Kyoto.
He studied Japanese painting under Nishimura Goun.
After he graduated an arts school, he published magazine of woodblock print with Munakata Shiko. He also worked with Tokuriki Tomikichiro, Asano Takeji and Kamei Tobei to establish a membership of Kyoto creative woodblock print.

・Material/ Japanese washi paper
・Size/ Picture:W9.2×H13.7cm , Margin included:W10.1×H14.3cm

・Regarding size / There is a slight error in size.
・Weight/ 50 g
・Made in Japan

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