Hanging Scroll Yoshiyuki Mizukawa "Pine, Bamboo, Plum and Crane, Tortoise"


Sale price¥90,000 JPY


The hanging scroll is introduced from China as a Buddhist painting.
After that, the hanging scroll created indoor by the tea ceremony or a traditional event like a Boy's Festival in May, or seasonal scenery.
In addition, "the tokonoma" where a hanging scroll is displayed at Japanese standard home is the support of the heart of the family, and it is said that it is an important place treating the customer of the visit.
As for the development, the hanging scroll which spread, it was the important tool which expressed "the beauty of Japan" with step of the Japanese history.
The painting of this scroll shows the symbol of happy long life. Pine, bamboo, and plum are called "Shouchikubai", crane and turtoise are called "Tsuru Kame"and all of those are the symbol of happy long life.
This item is appropriate for a gift to your family, and your important friends,

・Material/ Hand paint on:Silk screen , Mounting:Silk and Polyester , Jikusaki at the bottom:Chinese Quince
・Size/ Hanging scroll:W54×H191×D2.5cm , Wooden box:W8.5×H64×D8cm

・Weight/ 1100 g
・Made in Japan

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