Jewelry Box "Heavenly Bamboo"


Sale price¥10,000 JPY


You can use it as a jewelry box to keep important small items such as watches, accessories, jewelry in one place. And you can also fold and store away when not in use. It becomes a part of your interior design just by leaving it in your room.
It is decorated with auspicious patterns that have been considered to be good luck since ancient times, "Heavenly Bamboo" has the meaning of turning difficulties into blessings, and "rabbit" has the meaning of leaping because it jumps.
This product comes in a box with the same pattern as the product, so it is also recommended as a gift.

・Material/ Cotton・Polyester・Medium-Density Fiberboard
・Size/ Body:W8.4×12×D8.4cm

・Weight/ 370 g
・Made in China

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