Sashiko Bag Large


Sale price¥18,000 JPY


This Sashiko bag was made by a craftsman living in Tsugaru region of Aomori Prefecture.
Sashiko is an embroidery technique used mainly in the Tohoku region, where patterns and designs are sewn into the fabric one stitch at a time with thread. It is said to have originated from the practice of Sashiko stitching on clothing to reinforce damaged cloth and protect it from the cold. Nowadays, the original role of Sashiko is fading, but the traditional patterns are still used in everyday items such as cushions, coasters, and bags as traditional folk art.

・Material/ Linen
・Size/ Body:W35×H23.5×D11cm , Handle:W42cm

・Weight/ 140 g
・Made in Japan

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