Kutani Ware Sake Cup "Rokkaku" (Hexagon)


Sale price¥9,000 JPY


Kutani ware is colored porcelain produced in the southern part of Ishikawa Prefecture, and is characterized by its vivid colors and paintings. The inside of this item is covered with gold leaf and arabesque and a plant called Japanese rhodea are drawn on the outside. The shape of the cup is also unusual, hexagonal.
The hexagon represents the shell of a turtle and is considered auspicious. As the saying goes, "Cranes live for a thousand years and turtles live for ten thousand years", it is a symbol of longevity because it is a long-lived animal. The arabesque pattern represents the intertwining of vines and it is often used as a kind of auspicious pattern by linking the vitality of vines to development. Japanese rhodea is a plant often used in Kutani ware, and is a symbol of prosperity and good luck for descendants because it always keeps green and leaves.
This product is covered with gold leaf, which gives it a luxurious feel and makes it a part of the interior design just by displaying it.
There may be differences in colors and patterns, because it is hand-painted.

・Material/ Porcelain・Gold Leaf
・Size/ H3.7cm
・Note/ Dishwasher-safe・Microwave-not possible
・Weight/ 100 g
・Made in Japan

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