Hasami Ware Sake Bottle and Cups Set "Crystals and Waves"


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Hasami Ware is produced in Hasami Town, located in the North-central part of Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami Ware has a history of over 400 years, but for many years it was considered as a part of Arita Ware because Hasami Town is located right next to Arita Town, the town famous for Arita Ware. In recent years, the whole region is working together to spread the name of Hasami Ware to the world and promote manufacturing that meets the needs of the times.

The greatest advantage of Hasami Ware is that there is no distinctive style. Many free, unique, modern, and fashionable designs have been produced, and it has become a very popular pottery in Japan. It now holds a high market share as a production area of daily tableware today.

This product is a Hasami Ware tea set. It includes one teapot and five teacups. It is made by Tanshin Kiln, a Hasami Ware pottery company, and this crystal clear openwork carving called "crystal carving" is one of the most representative series of Tanshin Kiln. Holes are hand-carved one by one in the high-quality white porcelain, and the holes are filled with secret clay and fired twice. It is truly a careful work of a craftsman. Please enjoy how the color of the crystal changes when tea is poured into it.

Comes with a wooden box. Dishwasher-safe, Microwave-safe.

・Material/ Tea Pot and Cups:Porcelain , Box:Wood
・Size/ Tea Pot:W16.5×H7.5×D14cm , Cups:φ8×H5cm , Box:W29.8×H9.8×D21.8cm

・Weight/ 940 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: TABLE WARE > SAKE
Collection: POTTERY
Collection: HASAMI WARE

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