Noren Curtain long "Maru" Beige


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Although There are various opinions about the origin of the Noren, a picture scroll about the life of general public in the Heian era depicts Noren which is used as a room partition, prevent wind and rain, and shut out the sunlight.
It is said to be the Muromachi era when dyeing a cloth with a part left came to be possible, Noren became one of the modern business tools from daily necessities of ordinary people.
As literacy was not high at that time, a pattern such as trade name, family crest were drawn on Noren.
Letters came to be dyed with improvement of the literacy rate after the Edo era, and Noren seemed to come to serve a function as the signboard.
This product is handwritten carefully in Japan.

As there is a moderate sheerness and good breathability, we would like to recommend using Noren for such as moderate room partition, soften the strong sunlight, making Japanese-style space.This is also called "Enso" or "Ichienso" in Japanese. This is one of the calligraphic works in Zen which is said that expresses the enlightenment and space with a circle.
Sometimes it's called a window that reflects your heart, but the interpretation is left to the viewers.

※Noren wand is not included.
※Hand wash

・Material/ Main Part:Hemp
・Size/ Body:W88×H150cm , Box:W9.5×H8.5×D49.5cm

・Weight/ 435 g
・Made in Japan

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