Lacquerware Bowl Set of 2p "TSUBO・YURI”


Sale price¥26,000 JPY


This is a pair of bowls made in Yamanaka hot springs area of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The history of Yamanaka lacquerware began in the 16th century and has developed by inviting skillful craftsmen from Kyoto or other production areas in Japan since the 19th century.

Each bowl of this pair is in a different shape and has a special meaning. The red bowl is named “YURI”, which means lily in Japanese. The round shape expresses the flower of lily which is a symbol of beauty.
Black one is named "TSUBO", which means a jar in Japanese.
Jars have been used for carrying and storing food from ancient times, so it has a meaning of "welcome".
This unique pair of bowls are very suitable for gifts too.

Wooden bowls can keep warmth and hot soup does not get cold easily. Even if hot food is in it, the outside is not so hot and easy to hold.
For cleaning, please wash it by hand with warm water and a soft sponge or a cloth. Dish soap can be used to remove oily stains. Please wipe and dry it well before storing.

Please note that there are individual differences as each product is handmade.

・Material/ Wood , Polyurethane
・Size/ φ11.5×H7.4cm

・Note/ Not microwave-safe. Not dishwasher-safe.
・Weight/ 440 g
・Made in Japan

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