Matcha Tea Bowl Set “White”


Sale price¥14,000 JPY


Matcha, the powdered green tea, is good for health and becoming more and more popular in the world.
In the tea ceremony there is a style of enjoying outdoors, called "Nodate", which is held outside.

This is a lovely tea bowl set, that includes a small size of tea bowl for Matcha, whisk, tea scoop, and tea container, and a cloth to wrap the bowl and a luncheon mat.
Since it comes in a bamboo basket, it is convenient to carry, so you can enjoy Matcha anywhere.
Recommended as a travel, picnic, and office companion, also as a gift.

・Material/ Tea bowl:Ceramic , whisk and scoop:Bamboo , clothes:cotton , Basket:Bamboo
・Size/ Tea bowl:φ9.3×H6.3cm , Green mat:W45×H33cm , Basket:W20×H14×D8.5cm

・Weight/ 550 g
・Made in Japan[bowl]

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