Woven Obi Sash “Red & White“


Sale price¥100,000 JPY


This woven obi sash is Fukuro-obi. Two pieces of obi are woven and both ends are sewn together. Red, white, and black are very gorgeous continuous patterns based on rhombuses. Recommended, for example, using it in various ways, such as decorating a table or as a tapestry, as you like. Please enjoy the modern style. It is made in Kyoto Prefecture.

The part that comes to the body when it is worn as an obi is plain. Please note it when using it for purposes other than obi.

・Material/ Fabric:Silk90%, Polyester, Rayon, Japanese washi paper 10%
・Size/ W466×H31Dcm

・Weight/ 775 g
・Made in Japan

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