Openwork Uchiwa "Yasaka"


Color: Red
Sale price¥10,000 JPY



A rounded fan called an uchiwa is a small article that you hold in your hand. Uchiwas are made from paper and bamboo. The bamboo is used for the framework and handle. The framework is covered with Japanese paper and has a handle attached to the bottom. You can hold the handle in one hand and fan yourself. The part of the fan made of Japanese paper usually has drawings of summery things such as morning glories or other things that look cool and refreshing. People trying to keep cool have traditionally used round fans in the hot and humid season in Japan.
This is one of Kyoto's traditional crafts called Kyo Uchiwa, which features a fan face and handle made separately, with designs of people and scenery as motifs. The handle is made of cedar.
This product is an openwork uchiwa with Japanese paper on one side, so you can fan it and also display it as part of a cool Japanese interior.
This is a Kyoto design uchiwa with a five-story pagoda.

・Material/ Fan:Bamboo・Japanese paper , Handle:Cedar
・Size/ W28×H42cm

・Weight/ 50 g
・Made in Japan

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