Women's Folding Fan Set "Grape"


Sale price¥11,000 JPY



The sensu originated from a round fan called an uchiwa, which was introduced from China over a thousand years ago. The sensu was created by the Japanese who improved the uchiwa.
A folding fan is also called a suehiro, which means that it widens towards the end and therefore symbolizes good fortune and often drawn as a motif of a decoration such as a painting for auspicious occasions.
This folding fan has a charm with the same design as the fan pattern, and comes with a fan bag with the same pattern.
It comes in a paulownia box, so it is recommended as a gift.

・Material/ Folding Fan:Silk・Bamboo・Brass・Alloy of Lead and tin・Glass , Bag:Polyester
・Size/ Folding Fan(closed):W2.5×H21cm , (opened):W35×H21cm , Bag:W4×H23cm

・Weight/ 120 g
・Made in China

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