Japanese Folk Toy Set

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This is a set of traditional Japanese folk toys: Kyo-Koma, Kendama, and Daruma otoshi.

They were especially popular throughout Japan from the Edo Period (1603-1868) through the Meiji Era (1868-1912) and they are now known as folk toys. The majority of them symbolize wishes for good fortune and the healthy growth of children.
Surly everyone in Japan had tried one of the folk toys at least once in a lifetime. These handmade toys with natural materials are simple, yet charming!!

You may take a trip down memory lane as you play with the folk toy or if you have never tried, explore the world of Japanese traditional toys.

■Kyoto Spinning Top 3 Sizes Set

They look the same as those usually sold as
but the manufacturing process is completely different.
While a regular Japanese spinning top is made of carving out a piece of wood, Kyo-Koma is a spinning top that has a distinctive structure.
The Kyo-Koma is made by wrapping the strips of cotton string. The origin of Kyo-Koma is said to be the fact that court ladies rolled the edge of kimono around bamboo sticks to make spinning tops, and that they would entertain themselves by spinning them indoors. This product is carefully made one by one in Kyoto prefecture.
These three sizes of assorted Kyo-Koma represent handcrafts; you can play with or display these as part of your interior design.

・Material/ top:cotton , stick:wood, urethane coating , box:paper
・Size/ (S):Φ3×H3cm , (M):Φ3.7×H3.4cm , (L):Φ4.5×H4cm
・Weight/ 40 g
・Made in Japan


It is said that a kendama first appeared in Japan in the mid-Edo period. In the Meiji era (1868-1912), the kendama became very popular as a wooden toy,
but at that time, kendama was a simple toy with a ball on a stick. It was not until 1921 that the current form was adopted.
Kendama is a traditional Japanese skill toy made from wood. It consists of a handle, a pair of cups, and a ball with string, however not only the simple structure of kendama attracts people but also a variety of its techniques; it is said that there are more than 30,000 different kinds of kendamatricks and how about trying 30,001sttechnique to create?

・Material/ boll, body:wood , string:nylon
・Size/ W7×H12×D14cm
・Weight/ 160 g
・Made in China

■Daruma Otoshi "Save the Daruma Doll" Game

Daruma taishi, the model for the Daruma doll,
was born as a prince in India in the late 5th century,
and after a long period of ascetic training, he is said to have traveled to China.
The dolls are like Daruma taishi in severe ascetic training and get up even after falling.
Such a figure has become a good-luck charm that grants various wishes and has lived on in folk beliefs. Daruma otoshi; toy consisting of vertically stacked wooden blocks that must be knocked away without letting the daruma doll on top fall to the ground.

・Material/ wood
・Size/ Φ5×H22cm
・Weight/ 260 g
・Made in Taiwan

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