Chopsticks Set of 2P "Fortune Gourds"

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This product is made in the Tsugaru region, the Western peninsula at the peak of Aomori Prefecture.
The region is known for the production of the gorgeous style of lacquerware called Tsugaru-nuri, which was designated as a Traditional Folk Craft in 1975.

It is a gift set of 2 pairs of chopsticks which comes in a paulownia box.
This set of chopsticks features the distinctive pattern of lacquering called Kara-nuri, which can be done by speckling multicolored layers of lacquer. The abalone shell inlays of gourds, an auspicious symbol of good health and prosperity, add accents to the design.

It is perfect for a wide range of gifts such as wedding gifts, to parents and grandparents, and friends.

・Material/ Natural wood , Abalone shell , Lacquer
・Size/ 21cm and 23cm

・Not suitable for/ dishwasher, dryer
・Weight/ 80 g
・Made in Japan


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