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This is a set of two decks of playing cards with well-known Ukiyo-e art designs: Bijinga (Beautiful women portraits) by Utamaro and Tokaido 53 Stations by Hiroshige. You can enjoy these iconic Japanese artworks while playing cards!


■Ukiyo-e Playing Card "Bijinga by Utamaro”
・Material/ box, card:paper , case:plastic
・Size/ W9×H6×D2cm
・Weight/ 120 g
・Made in Japan

■Ukiyo-e Playing Card "Tokaido 53 Stations by Hiroshige"

・Material/ box, card:paper , case:plastic
・Size/ W9×H6×D2cm
・Weight/ 120 g
・Made in Japan

About Utamaro:
Utamaro Kitagawa(1753-1803) was an Ukiyo-e artist in the Edo period (1603-1868) who created numerous paintings of beautiful women. His paintings of beautiful women, which sensuously depict
the beauty of women and at the same time express their daily lives with realism, quickly became known as his talent in Edo at the time and established Utamaro's status as a popular Ukiyo-e artist. Kitagawa Utamaro is an iconic Ukiyoe artist in Japan. He dedicated his whole life to exploring female beauty in the 1700s.

About Hiroshige:
Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) is a Japanese artist, one of the greatest Ukiyo-e masters of the color woodblock print. His genius for landscape compositions was first recognized in the west. Tokaido 53 Stations are considered his finest achievement. It is a series of 55 landscape paintings set on the Tokaido Highway with approximately 495.5km long (307mile), starting from Nihonbashi, Tokyo to 53 inns and the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto as the ending point. At the time of the travel boom, Ukiyo-e landscapes were very popular among people in the Edo period (1603-1868) as they provided people with clear images, and an easier way to experience the feeling of traveling.

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