Furoshiki & Handle Set "Hokusai" Wood handle

Design: The great wave
Handle: Walnut
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A wonderful set for a wrapping cloth "Furoshiki" and a pair of handles "Furoshiki patchin" with which can make a bag.

It is unnecessary to try a difficult method just by passing the four ends of a cloth through the hole in the wood handles, and the bag completes by making a knot with the both two ends each other. What an amazing idea!
Since the bag can keep the space inside, and it will be easier to use it.
The problems of "ease of dropping the insides" and "the visible insides" can be also solved by using the magnet attached to the handle!
The design is so simple and stylish.

The motifs of these Furoshiki are two representative works of the Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji drawn by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), one of Japan’s leading Ukiyo-e artists.
The splashes and clouds in the pattern are subtly pearlized for a bold and delicate finish.

People have cherished the culture of wrapping since ancient times in Japan.
Furoshiki, the traditional square wrapping cloth, is versatile, and itself can be a bag.
It is ideal for main bags or eco bags for its lightness and washable, and it contributes to the sustainable society by reducing plastic waste bags.
The cotton fabric is just right firm to use it as Furoshiki bag.
You can also enjoy the difference in appearance depending on the direction of the pattern when making a bag.
Of course, you can use just Furoshiki as a room interior such as a cushion cover, a tablecloth, and a tapestry. As a wine bottle wrapping, too.
Why don’t you start earth-friendly eco life with Furoshiki?

【Motif of furoshiki】
・The Great Wave: The most iconic Japanese artwork.
・The Red Fuji: Mt. Fuji colored in red is auspicious.

【Furoshiki Patchin】
・Black walnut / Oak wood

・Please wash Furoshiki separate from other items to prevent color transfer.
・Recommended size of Furoshiki suits for this handle: about 70cm, 90cm,100cm~.

・Material/ Cloth:100% Cotton , Handle:Wood (Black walnut / Oak wood)
・Size/ Furoshiki:W104×H104cm , Wood handle:W4.5×H24.2×D0.8cm

・Weight/ 180 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: BAG / POUCH

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