Nanbu tekki Ver.1: Iron Teapot and  Iron Kettle

Have you ever heard "Nambu tekki"?
Nambu tekki is a traditional ironware craft in Iwate prefecture in Japan, north west of Japanese main island.
It seems so heavy and difficult to use but this iron ware has a lot of profits, and it becomes so popular among the lovers of Japanese crafts.

The feature of Nambu tekki is as follows;

1, keep temperature stably.
2, so strong
3, fine design

Furthermore, if you take care of your health, you will have a merit to take iron to prevent anemia.

Regarding Nambu tekki, we have two type of items.

One is teapot, another one is iron kettle,

Today, we will explain the difference between these items.

1, What is the Iron teapot?

Iron teapot contains tea strainer inside of pot and has enamel coating, so it seems so smooth.

So, this is the item to prepare tea; put some leaf and pour the hot water.
It keeps hot your tea longer time than pottery teapot.

However, please do not put this kind of pot on fire. Enamel coating of inside will start to break up.

After using pot, please use soft sponge to clean inside and wash exterior with hot water and dry up with towel.

2, What is the Iron kettle?

Iron kettle does not contain tea strainer and surface of inside has not any coating. It seems a little rough if you compare with inside of teapot.

So, this is a kettle! you can use like a usual kettle to put it on fire.
However, please do not remain hot water for a long time after boiling. If the water remains,
unfortunately, you will see the rust. So, after using this kind of kettle, please pour boiled water into the other pot immediately.

The hot water boiled with Iron kettle contains a lot of iron and make water soft,
you may enjoy mild taste of tea or coffee with this item.

We recommend you this Nambu tekki iron ware to survive this cold winter.

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