Woodblock print "Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine" by Shiro Kasamatsu / UNSODO


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"Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine" is a woodblock print designed by Kasamatsu Shiro.Shrine maidens are in the middle and beautiful gingko biloba leaves. It is an Autumn view of Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineShiro Kasamatsu worked in Shin Hanga and Sosaku Hanga style. His many works ware published by UNSODO publisher from 1945 and now on. Shiro left many works of Tokyo views. This was printed by UNSODO publisher, reproduction.

※Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.

■ Type
Shin Hanga ( One of style of woodblock print ) , reprinting
※Shin Hanga ( New printing )
※Original design by UNSODO

“Shin hanga” is a new style of Japanese printings. Printed or designed in Meiji period to Showa period. (1897 to 1960). (明治30年~昭和35年)
Like the traditional ukiyo-e prints, it is produced by the division of labor by painters, carvers, and printers directed by a publisher with the aim of modernizing and reconstructing ukiyo-e. This is originally published by UNSODO (Kyoto).

■ Artist
Kasamatsu Shiro
Kasamatsu Shiro was born in Asakusa, Tokyo. When he was 14 years old he started to study Japanese painting under Kaburagi Kiyokata followed by Ito Shinsui and Kawase Hasui. He started making woodblock print from UNSODO in 1945, published nearly a hundred designs.
His works of depicting Japanese views have been re-evaluated in recent years.

・Material/ Japanese washi paper
・Size/ Picture:W24.2×H36.5×15cm , Margin included:W27.5×H40cm

・Regarding size / There is a slight error in size.
・Weight/ 150 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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