Gold brocade Table runner "Unkai" (Width 30cm / Length 200, 150, 75 cm)

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Size: 75x30
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【What is Gold brocade】
Gold brocade is one of the traditional Japanese fabric which contains woven pattern by gold threads.
This textile technique came to be used often after the middle of 15th century, especially in Nishijin area of Kyoto.
This gorgeous and colorful technique is considered as the superior of woven fabric and it was used for the Shinto and buddhist ritual and
the docoration for aristcrat to show their dignity.

As you know, there are four season in Japan. Japanese people express the nature of four season like flowers, pine trees, bamboos,
animals, the movement of water cloud and snow on the pattern of Obi(Belt for Kimono) , or Kimono by this gold brocade technique.
It progressed to our proper culture.

This product shows "Unkai" (Sea of clouds) with arabesque pattern of flowers.
This type of pattern is often used for traditional formal Kimono.

This is great for gift too.

【Reversible design】
Front side has gold brocade at the center of fabric, back side has gold brocade at the sides of fabric.
You can use whichever you like.

【Washable products】
This product is washable, but please do not use washing machine and dryer.
Please wash by hands with neutral detergent, and dry flat.

Material: 100% of Polyester for gold brocade, 100% of cotten for black cloth.
Size: 200cm ×30cm, 150cm ×30cm, 75cm ×30cm
Weight : 350g

Country of origin : Japan

Collection: TABLE LINEN
Collection: TABLE RUNNER

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