Comfort Arrangement Box, Middle Fudanno Otemoto

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These are made one by one by a craftsman who has been making tea utensils and paulownia boxes in Kyoto for many years.

This series is based on the concept of making our lives simpler and more convenient.
"You can take it out and carry it when you need it."

Paulownia wood has been used since ancient times to protect important clothing and valuables due to its moisture control and insect repellent properties, and resistance to fire.

The craftsman said.
"Paulownia wood is soft and easily scratched, but I hope you will enjoy it as a taste of its owner."

Designed to be simple to highlight the appeal of paulownia wood.
This box is the middle size and is recommended for store memos, pens, watches, etc.
The lid is convenient for storing glasses.

Paulownia wood is a natural material, so it will change day by day.
Please use the product in a place where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight or wind from air conditioners.
Please do not use the product in a place with a lot of water, as it may cause staining or eccentricity.

・Material/ Paulownia wood
・Size/ W17.4×H8.7×D4.5cm

・Weight/ 100 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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