Small helmet "Toyotomi Hideyoshi"

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This is a serie of small helmets used motif of "Sengoku Busho" (Samurai lord of age of proal wars, between 15th century to 17th century).
This small helmet was reproduced model of "Toyotomi Hideyoshi".

Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a special Samurai who moved up his excellent carrer ladder from his low status.
He was born in Owari ( Ngoya city) in a family of farmer, but he could not have good relationship with his father in law, and ran away from his home.
While selling sewing needles he did a live show on the street. He alived like street children, but he was so positive and gained a lot of hint to be loved by people.

One day, Matsushita Kahei who was a retainer of Imagawa family found Hideyoshi was doing a live show. Kahei thought Hideyoshi had special talents to become
great leader and took him to his castle Hamamatsu castle). Hideyoshi worked for Kahei, then met Oda Nobunaga (Great Samurai lord at that time).
Nobunaga treated him as an important retainer. Hideyoshi succeeded to gain an important possition.
Most notably, Hideyoshi set up the tactics to gain the credit for Nogunaga even though he lost his own profit. This is one of his techique to gain the trsut from
his boss.

After that, Hideyoshi constructed the Great Osaka Castle, established the system to gain the taz revenue stably, and did sword hunting to make farmers
concentrate their work on their field. Surprisingly, farmers estimated well about this sword hunting system, because they do not want to work on the battle filed
leving their field without care.

Hideyoshi was a man of action and was love by a lot of people, because he was always positive and cheerful person.
That is different from the other Samurai, his hard life of child hood was utilzed for his success.

The supirit of Toyotomi Hideyoshi is enshrined in Toyokuni Shrine in Kyoto and near Osaka castle, and is loved by people
as a "Diety of Great Success".

【About this product】
This helemt will show you his nature who loved flamboyant things.
The front decoration of this helmet is the motif of the leaves of Aspidistra elatior.
This kind of leaves means "Competitive strenghth".
For his real helmet, he used pieces of woods, because the metalic decoration was too heavy at the battlefield.
You can enjoy itself for decoration, but you will have another choice to join up with "Armor only body for the Small helmet"sold separately , too.
It's good to use at home but it also makes a great gift.

Material:Zinc alloy die casting
Size: W7.2cm×L8cm×H13cm
Weight: 300g

Origin of country: Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR
Collection: SAMURAI >

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