Small helmet "Tokugawa Ieyasu"

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Tokugawa Ieyasu is very famous Samurai who established Edo shogunate, then became Great Shogun (Top of Samurai) in 1603.
He was born in Mikawa(Aichi prefecture), but his childhood was not happy. He got caught up in a war, he was taken as a hostage for long time.
This is why, he became so prudent and patient. When he became adult and the family ""Imagawa"" who took Ieyasu as a hostage lost the war between
Oda family, Ieyasu was released and formed alliance with Oda. However, he has to be still patient because of the confusion after war.
He started to take power in the Kanto region (around Tokyo area), finally, he won the ""Battle of Sekigahara"", then he open the Edo shogunate and because
the real leader of all Japan.

His spirit to WAIT WITH PATIENCE even under the confusion must have influenced a lot to Japanese people later.

"The life is like a road to go with heavy luggage. Don't go too fast."
This is a word of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

When we carry a heavy luggage, if we go fast, we slip and fall down, furthermore, we will get tired.
So, we have to carry our heavy luggage steadily without rushing. It should be fast finally.

The word of Ieyasu shows us the importance of life, because we have a tendency to rush in busy and stressful world.

You can enjoy itself for decoration, but you will have another choice to join up with ""Armor only body for the Small helmet"" sold separately , too.

It's good to use at home but it also makes a great gift.

【About this product】
The front decoration of this helmet shows ferns which are the plants used for Shinto ritual.
Tokugawa Ieyasu thought that the battel was secred thing.

Material:Zinc alloy die casting
Size: W7.2cm×L8.5cm×H8.3cm
Weight: 300g

Origin of country: Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR
Collection: SAMURAI >

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